Download (LEAK ALBUM) by Dizzy —- ‘Baby Teeth’

Canadian upstarts Dizzy have announced details of their debut album.

Titled ‘Baby Teeth’, the full-length is set to arrive on 17th August via Communion Music / Royal Mountain Records.

The band, who made a bit of a fuss when they played the Great Escape earlier this year, will return to the UK this Autumn where they’ll headline Omeara on 18th September.

The news comes alongside a new video for recent single ‘Joshua’.

Singer and lyricist Katie Munshaw describes the track as as “a goodbye to someone who left my life unexpectedly,” while the director of the clip Ryan Faist wants to talk to us about smells.

“There’s this perfume that someone used to wear when I was 12 or 13, and I still associate that scent to a feeling I can’t describe,” he explains. “I only come across this scent once every few years, if I’m lucky. I finally found it and we sprayed it all over the room for this video. It sounds dumb, but it makes me feel something. The scent and the song together.”

So that’s nice.

Download (LEAK ALBUM) by Dizzy —- ‘Baby Teeth’

Dizzy are also set to play Citadel this July. Check out the video for ‘Joshua’ below.

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