Download mp3: T-Pain ft Ace Hood For “Miami”

A newly-released gem from T-Pain’s extensive archives.

T-Pain has been doing some spring cleaning on his hard drives recently. Last year, he shared the long-shelved T-Wayne collaboration with Lil Wayne on SoundCloud. However, his archives go a little deeper than that, with the auto-tune pioneer unearthing a whole project worth of solo material with Everything Must Go (Vol. 1), a project which by title alone hints that this is just the beginning of the data dump. Like T-Wayne, there’s some material here that the biggest of T-Pain fans will already be familiar with, but there’s also some entirely new material. “Miami,” a concise collaboration with fellow Floridian Ace Hood is one of a few tracks where it’s hard to pinpoint the date of recording, mostly because Pain was both ahead of his time and someone who’s now been operating for well over a decade. One thing’s for sure, it sounds like no one else. As someone who was borrowed from throughout his career, T-Pain was only recreated through his preferred vocal effects, while his writing style proved harder to imitate; his secret weapon being his technically capable singing voice that gave him a leg-up harmony-wise. Listen to the full project, which features guest appearances from Joey Bada$$ and Joe Budden, here.

Download mp3: T-Pain ft Ace Hood For “Miami”

Quotable Lyrics:
I need a time machine
So I can go find my younger self and tell him
If you ain’t got your shit together
Then you can’t let her know what’s up
Oh, you got to do better
She wanna be alone forever? Oh no

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